Saulius Slezas is a Brooklyn-based lighting designer, projection designer, gaffer, and multimedia artist.  He considers himself a student of light in all its forms.  He sometimes finds himself gaffing a film, lighting a concert and projection designing a play all in the same week.  Raised in Dorchester, he is a graduate of Boston Latin School and Hampshire College.

Saulius's artistic interests lie in the tight integration of technical design with live performance.  His Div III thesis project at Hampshire College, entitled "United Moments of America," involved close collaboration between a choreographer, video artist and lighting designer. It explored how collaboration right from the beginning of a rehearsal process could create a performance where dance, lighting and video were so tightly integrated that the story they told fell apart as soon as one element was removed.

Saulius understands that effective communication is more important than any amount of technical knowledge.  As a designer, he works closely with the rest of the production team to achieve a common vision. On location he listens attentively, asks questions when necessary, and stays on task.  As a producer he works with the client to effectivelly achieve their vision with as little hassle as possible.

Saulius is always interested in new projects involving lighting and performance.

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